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The film “Forebodings” by Vyacheslav Kryshtofovich will be released on October 8

The dramatic feature film “Forebodings” by the master of Ukrainian cinema Vyacheslav Kryshtofovich will appear on big screens on October 8 this year. According to the picture’s logline, the tape … Read More

Безславні кріпаки

“Inglourious slaves”: movie soundtrack was played by the performer of “Pirates of the Caribbean”

The soundtrack to the action-adventure “Inglourious slaves” by Roman Perfiliev was performed by Hollywood cellist Tina Guo – known for the movie hits “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Wonder woman”, “Sherlock … Read More

Pikkardiyska tertsiya

“The other Franco”: group “Pikkardiyska tertsiya” released the soundtrack to biopic

The historical and biographical drama “The other Franco” directed by Igor Visnevsky released the soundtrack “Розпрощався стрілець” performed by the vocal formation “Pikkardiyska tertsiya”. The new release date of the … Read More

фільм Де ти Адаме

The film “Where are you, Adam?” will be released on September 3

Documentary film “Where are you, Adam?” about the life of monks of the ancient monastery of mount Athos in Greece will appear on big screens in early autumn.