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І будуть люди трейлер

There will be humans


Genre: family saga, historical drama

Country: Ukraine

Production: Film.UA

Director: Arkady Nepytaliuk

Producers: Serhii Demydov, Viktor Myrskyi, Liudmyla Semchuk

Creative producer: Olesia Lukianenko

Executive producer: Valeria Tkachuk

Camera operator: Dmitry Yurikov

Scriptwriters: Tetiana Shchehelska, Taras Antypovych, based on the novel by A. Dimarov “There will be humans”

Cast: Ostap Dziadek, Akmal Huriezov, Olena Borozenets, Kateryna Hryhorenko, Viktor Zhdanov, Kostiantyn Temliak, Oleksandr Piskunov, Oleksandr Mavryts, Makar Tykhomyrov, Anna Tambova, Vitalii Azhnov, Alina Kostiukova, Ihor Koltovskyi

Premiere: September 14, 2020

Based upon the novel by Anatoly Dimarov “There will be humans”.

It spreads across the hardest times in the history of Ukraine – the beginning of the 20th century, when the First World War, Revolution, and the establishment of the Soviet state had separated society and the fate of everyone onto before and after. Every character of the saga sees the surrounding changes with his own “truth” in mind, but everyone wants to live, love, and find his place in this new catastrophic historical dimension. 12 episodes. 12 main characters. 12 destinies, each reflecting an aspect of the nation’s history.

Interesting fact:

  • The creators of the series produce a series of videos “Our history”, in which the actors of the series “And there will be people” talk about their characters, their fates and views, as well as about themselves and modern Ukraine.
  • The project took 5 years to complete. It had the beginning of 2015, when the Film.UA Group has signed an agreement to adapt the novel with the writer’s widow Evdokia Dimarova.
  • The series starred more than 120 actors. Casting took place all over Ukraine. In addition to Kiev, actors came from Lviv, Ternopil, Nikolaev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Odessa and other cities.
  • The author of the novel Anatoly Dimarov saw firsthand the turbulent events of the beginning of the century. Mother with little Anatoly and his brother had to leave their native village and change their last name, escaping dekulakization. She is one of the heroines of both the book and the film.
  • The music for the series was written by composer Roman Cherenov. And the two main songs that became the leitmotif were created by the Ukrainian-German folk-jazz group “Leleka”. These compositions are variations of the Ukrainian folk song “Зозуля”.
  • Specifically, the project has built a unique location – the “Ivasut farm”. It is located in a picturesque area in the Kiev region near the village of Barakhty. For the passage of equipment, it was necessary to lay a road there and spend 20 tons of rubble on it.
  • During the shooting process, three staged fires were organized. One of the huts was specially built just to burn it down effectively. This happened on the night of the Halloween holiday.
  • The costume shop used about a thousand costumes and more than 10 liters of paint to give them a texture.

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